Saturday, August 23, 2008

Writing elsewhere

At the start of this year I resolved to seriously invest time in writing online about (among other things) the coding puzzles I encounter. A number of the reasons that people generally give for blogging would apply (basically: they say it makes you smarter...). Unfortunately, I never even finished the post outlining those reasons (just as well) and got stuck writing another highly profound and insightful post... ;-)

At least Twitter helped me over the threshold to express some thoughts in public, but of those 140 character observations a few could 'easily' have been expanded upon, if only I had the discipline... :-)

This week I did upload a longer piece with my thinking as a software developer, but put it as a comment under somebody else's blog... So, I'm clearly not giving this blog the priority I resolved to, but by linking to that particular comment on a proposal for 'Asynchronous cache updates', I can at least give the impression of activity in this space... :-)

B.t.w. I regret bringing up the 'code ownership' question in that comment. It is beside the point and says more about me (being somewhat intimidated by the hairy legal issues involved in reusing utility code between organisations) than about my former colleague, who did nothing wrong.